1. Epubbing

What is an epubber? Continuum, creative control

2. Your Book

Editing, elements, experience and friends

3. Pathways

Choosing a pathway, retailers, distributors, strategies

4. Formats

File formats, epubs, Linux and LibreOffice

5. Structure

Front, body, end matter for ebooks

6. Covers

Creating a cover, channel requirements

7. Details

ISBNs, payments, tax issues compared

8. Promotion

Promotion, pricing and possibilities

9. Resources

Epubbing Pathways table, antipodean issues, blogs, links

8. Promoting an Ebook

Alan Villiers
The Internet is awash with articles and ads about ebook promotion. Some of it is simply marketing for someone else's book or service, and some offerings are very suspect indeed.

If anyone tries to sell you a service for global email marketing or the like, it's probably spam on a horrific scale, and spam won't make you any friends at all, let alone contented readers. But there are useful promotional steps you can take without alienating everyone, so read on.

Ebook Pricing

Pricing is a major promotional tool. Data seems to show that $2.99-$4.99 is the sweet spot for maximising ebook income, but new epubbers need to build a following of readers first before even thinking about income. And in that case the fantastic flexibility of epubbing comes into its own, as you can move prices up and down to find what works best for you. (Apple insists on book prices ending in .99, so that's become the standard.) Below $2.99 Amazon and Barnes & Noble keep a larger percentage of the sale, so again, $2.99 is a popular cutoff point.

Smashwords provides a coupon system so you can set a book's price at zero if you want to distribute it to certain groups, or simply give a boost to uptake. Many authors price the first book in a series at zero, then once they build up a reading public the can charge more for later volumes in the series. There are whole strategies around maintaining a zero price on Amazon, so search for 'perma-free' for find out more.

Here's a great article by David Gaughran on pricing, and another by Mark Coker, whose Smashwords blog has provided an amazing amount of useful information over the years. And more information on ebook marketing from David Gaughran, and the Marketing Onion.

Advice and Possibilities

All of the channels offer promotional advice, some of it extremely valuable and some of it simply trying to get you to buy their expensive packages. Before committing to any paid promotional service, a search for reviews or opinions may save you from a costly mistake. The most useful advice on promotion probably comes from the ebook writers who blog about their experiences and analyse the latest changes in the epubbing marketplace. They're usually witty, interesting and long-time ebook publishers, so their insights are a great place to begin learning about effective promotion. See the links under Ebook Resources and Opinions and Blogs on the Resources page.
Where to Now?

The channels information from the Pathways and Details pages has been summarised in one printable pdf file, which appears with many other useful links on 9. Resources.